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On Page Analysis

Optimize your website online presence using these amazing SEO tools for you business.

Best Keyword Ranking

Find the right keyword for your website by analyzing suitable keywords for your business online.

Speed Optimization

Boost your website speed by minimizing images and cleaning out unnecessary codes on your website.

SEO Mobile Specialty

Responsive mobile design and friendly mobile structure boost your online presence.

Better Conversion

Turn your visitors into potential prospects with higher conversion rates in web page visits.

Social Network Monitoring

Reach your potential clients using targeted keywords in marketing your website through social media.

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3 Reasons Why Ranking is Important

Ranking Determines your Current Search Engine Position Online.

The more you Rank, the faster people will find your Business.

Ranking better than your competitor gives you more Customers and Traffic to your website.

Get more Traffic to your Website

Ever wonder why your website is not ranking online and only a few inquiries you receive daily. Discover how we can boost your website into a powerful client magnet.

  • Be on the top of Google
  • Save your time and let us handle it
  • Cros-devices ability
  • Be rewarded by our services

Our Services

Discover our SEO Services that can increase your website visits.

Web Development

Social Media Management

Link Building

Boost your Website Traffic Online.

A Full List of SEO Services that can optimize your website performance in (SERP) Search Engine Result Pages.

Page Optimization

  • Internal Link Structuring
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Optimization

Internal Site Audit

  • Site Structure
  • Backlinks
  • Page Urls
  • Issues and Problems

Content Marketing

  • Page Title Optimization
  • Page Description
  • Page Content Structuring
  • Content Keyword Selection

Technical SEO

  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Web Page Design
  • Backlinks
  • Google Penalty

Brand Awareness

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertisment
  • Referral Links
  • Blogging

Local Search Optimization

  • Local Directory Listing
  • Local Keyword Research
  • Local SEO Tools
  • Local Marketing PPC

Mobile Search Improving

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Mobile Page Speed
  • Mobile Site Configuration
  • Friendly Mobile Navigation

Competitors Monitoring

  • Keyword Ranking
  • Competitor Content
  • Competitor Site Structure
  • Competitor Backlink Profiles
Search Engine Optimization CEO Joepet Macariola
A Brief Introduction

Rebel SEO Marketer

Hi, my name is Jomacker i’ve been soul searching all my life on how can i possibly make it to number 1 in search engines. Most of us are dying to reach the top of our industry aiming for that number one spot. Let me tell you my story, i usually run a very competitive industry in photo editing and i’ve been trying all my life to find ways on how to beat the crap out of everybody, it turns out, that i just have to follow and improve what i do best.

So, i made this website to guide you through how we can make it to the top. I have lessons, tips and useful tools that can help you grow your online presence even more. I’d love to share with you how i do things with my website from website audit, on page optimization, off page optimization, backlinks and more. Subscribe in our mail list to get latest updates.

Result Driven SEO Services

We are always driven by challenges in different industries online. Our culture has always been helping out clients rank higher online despite great competition with large companies. The key to maintaining a well ranked website is to be able to feed your customers with reliable content, new products or latest services. Discover our rebel techniques that turn your visitors into customers.

Digital Media Strategy

Discover how your business would rank in your industry.

Data Organization

Gathering of keywords and information for better optimization.

Search Engine Friendly

Better design and reliability, increases your ranking online.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services


  • I highly appreciate the effort of improving our website rankings. Thank you for making our site to number 1.

    John Smith
    CEO - Clothing Company
  • Hiring SEO Traffic Company is truly amazing, they helped us with our page structures and keywords that give us more edge to competitors here in London.

    Steven Jacobs
    Web Marketing - Jewelry Company UK
  • They did an amazing JOB in our website, truly we are pleased with the service and continue to work with you. Thank you.

    Miguel Terry
    CEO - Automotive

Service Plans

Cheapest SEO Plans you can Find Online.

Basic Plan

Suitable For New Website
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Social Media Post Weekly
  • 1 New Content Per Week
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Minimum 6 Months
Learn More

Advanced Plan

Suitable For Small Business
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Social Media Post Daily
  • 4 New Content Per Week
  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Minimum 6 Months
Learn More

Platinum Plan

Suitable For E-Commerce Website
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • On Going Backlinks
  • Social Media Post Daily
  • 6 New Content a Week
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • Minimum 6 Months
Learn More

New Companies

Jump Start your Business

Why you need to SEO your Website?

Websites are ranked in google search engine so that if a user is looking for something in relation to your products and services your website will be visible in search results. If your website ranks on page one, chances are users will definitely visit your website.

Are Search Engines the only source of User Traffic Online?

Search Engines are known to have the highest traffic source of users you get however there are also funnels different sources you can get traffic. Either blogs, news, social media, directories and more.

Do you offer Guaranteed Service?

No we don’t. Search Engines are constantly changing and competition is always High.

What can you do to optimize my website?

We will perform a full website analysis of your website from the inside and out. After that we can give you a brief report on the process and progress of the optimization.

How long does the optimization last or take effect?

The optimization can last from 6 months – 12 months and the effect can be visible in 3-6 months however depending on the industry that you’re in. Every website varies from one another. This is caused by demand, trend, positioning of your business. The effect normally can be seen after few months but the full effects of it can be vividly seen on the 6 to 12 months.

Is SEO a one time or Re-Curring Service?

If only you are the only business in your industry a one time fee is possible. SEO is considered as an on going maintenance online. Your competitors are doing everything to put you out of the search engine results thus a constant optimization is required.


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