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Beginners Guide To Seo

The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization


This is a comprehensive information about search engine optimization (SEO). We will teach you the basic, advance and technicalities on how to properly optimize your website in order to be visible online. The goal of seo is to increase traffic to your website through search engine visibility.

It may sound easy as it may seem but this is no walk in park. Let me explain you first how websites run online.

Firstly, websites are representation of any individual, business or entity. Second, a website is only good as its design without proper optimization. Now, search engines ranks websites because of their relevancy. A relevant website is worth ranking for, in order to feed searchers on what they are looking for. The search engines goal is always to provide the best information or most relevant site in order for the search engine to gain credibility or authority.

There are many ways on how to optimize a website but one has to start with the basics. Learn more by starting with our Lessons below and see you on the other side.

What is a Search Engine?
How Search Engine Ranks Website?

Lesson 3: Search Engine Ranking

Why Domain Name is Important?
What is On Page Optimization
What is Off Page Optimization
What is Link Building?

Lesson 7: Link Building Strategies

What is Backlinks?
What is Website Audit?
Why Keywords are Important?
What is Pay Per Click?.
A list of SEO Tools

Lesson 12: SEO Tools

Why Social Media is Important?
What is Domain Authority?
What is Page Authority?

Lesson 15: Page Authority