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Email Marketing: Learn the Basics to a Successful Email Marketing [2019]

Learn the basics of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

Despite the raging growth of social media ads nowadays, email marketing is still the most effective way to access your prospect and target customers/ leads. And, to do that isn’t a trick.

By the marketing strategy you have with email marketing, you can always have a stable track of your prospective one-time buyer and soon- to- be a loyal customer. Email accounts have already reached a count of 4.9 billion users by 2017.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of email to promote your business. It is used to cultivate relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, offer coupons to encourage customer loyalty that leads to potentials sales and profit.

The Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Before we proceed on tackling how email marketing works or its basic format, let me tell you the benefits of using email marketing as your platform on promoting your brand.

  • Low cost. Compared to other mainstream channels, this platform doesn’t cost you a lot. There are no print or postage costs and no fees paid in exchange for exposure.
  • Easy to get started. Email marketing doesn’t require a huge team or a group of people to help you out.
  • Easy to measure. Another great thing about it is you can easily track where you have gone wrong or what are your lapses.
  • Easy to share. Your subscribers can just easily share your campaign letter to others by just one click.
  • Can reach a global audience. What kind of platform allows you to reach thousands and or millions of audience via sending promotional private messages? Email marketing does!

Why is Email Marketing More Effective?

Did you know that at least 85% of the population checks their email every single day?

That is way more than just good news!  Email is considered the number 1 communication channel; your prospective customer is receiving your offer and can read it at any time of the day.

Email marketing converts better than that of social media. People who buy products through email spend 100% more than those who don’t receive emails.

In email marketing, if you send an email campaign to your 5,000 contact list at-least 4,000 of them will get to read your campaign. Email is proven to ensure that your audience always gets your message- which is a good start for your business.

It’s clear to see that email continues to be the most effective marketing channel available to every business. Perhaps it’s time for your business to start making email marketing a priority.

Here’s why:

  • Email marketing is inexpensive.
  • It’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics.
  • Emails are action-oriented.
  • The results are measurable.

One of the great things about email marketing campaigns is the objective metrics—delivery rate, open rate and click-through rate, among others. Marketers can evaluate performance and make data-driven decisions about how and where to optimize. This is a benefit not all marketing avenues have.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

What makes email marketing so special that it is way better than that of a social media platform? This is the only category that works really well year after year.

To all the marketing strategy available for you, let me tell you why email marketing is a must-have in your technique.

Email marketing has always been accessible and will always be available.  Before getting too much excited about sending your email, identify your goal first. Like the basics of what would be the content of your campaign, who is your target and what you really want to achieve with the email marketing.

Lastly, establish your marketing plan.

  1. Later, you can proceed on building your Contact List which is very essential. Separate your existing customers from your new customers.
  2. After organizing your contact list you can now select the type of Campaigns you want to send.
  3. If you have already selected a few campaign strategies on your email marketing, start creating your first campaign. It is now time to start building your email.
  4. Always monitor and measure your results
  5. Always advocate your emails and remain updated.

Build awareness for your brand, if you have already done the guidelines given above. Do not stop there.

Online marketing progress endlessly, you should always promote your brand all over available online channels. That includes social media marketing and events.  

You can also utilize like contests and giveaways as your marketing strategy.

The more you build brand awareness, the more you gain followers and subscribers. It will contribute a lot to more upcoming campaign attribute to wider audience and market as well.

How To Write An Effective Email Campaign

After you have read the basics of email marketing the most important part here is how you write an effective email campaign.

Starting your online marketing may not be as easy as it may seem, this is the lifeline of your business. Your message is equivalent to how you promote your brand.

Here are some basic tips you can follow:

  1. Set your objective and goal.
  2. Be recognizable.
  3. Keep it short and informative.
  4. Write a catchy subject line.
  5. Always be relevant and let your readers get to know you.

Monitor Your Results

If you think that is it and you are ready to go smooth sailing with your internet marketing, well no.

I may have mentioned above some ways for you to start up.  But always put in mind you have to go beyond just promoting your brand and doing your business.

Constant effort and monitoring are also required. Here are some tips:

  1. Campaign Monitor.
  2. You can always get a track of the success in your email marketing through this tool.
  3. Take note of these:
  4. Number of Unique opens. This is the number of people who actually opened your email.
  5. A number of bounces; the number of email addresses to which your campaign cannot deliver.
  6. The number of emails that are not opened; these are the count of the subscribers who did not open your email.
  7. Unsubscribe Rate; this is the number of people who unsubscribed from your emails.
  8. Shares, this is the number of people who sent your email campaign to their friends.

 Upon monitoring the results on your email marketing, take note of the lapses you have. Work on it, improve what is needed.

At its best, email marketing allows businesses to keep their customers informed and tailor their marketing messages to their customers. For the many reasons listed above, email marketing is by far the most effective channel to attract, engage, and connect with an audience to drive sales and revenue for your business.

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